I'm a London, UK based photographer. I have a passion for People and I love documenting their stories through the medium of photos!  When I don't have my camera in my hands or I am not up late editing, you'll find me out about trying out new places to eat, drink and explore in the capital. 

I am most happiest when I am travelling and experiencing new cultures, places and food! I'm most definitely the type of girl who loves to jump in the sea and chuck on a snorkel. I  am also a big fan of enjoying live music and am fortunate to live in a city which has some of the best live music venues and events.

My passion for photography began not long after graduating from an engineering degree when I bought my first camera. I wanted to document time travelling and spending time with loved ones. Photography soon went from a much loved hobby alongside my job as a Civil Engineer to a serious professional path.

Its important to me to capture those very special genuine moments and the intimacies of relationships. Whether that be shared laughter or emotional tears. I believe it's vital that we document our lives in a way that allows us to look back and remember our thoughts, feelings and emotions conveyed through beautiful imagery.