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Tetteh and Paulina

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

Spring Blossom Engagement shoot in London's Greenwich Park.

After a few rescheduled shoots (due to the oh so unpredictable English weather!), Tetteh, Paulina and I finally managed to pick the perfect day for a beautiful floral spring time engagement shoot.

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Greenwich Park Spring Blossom Engagement Shoot
Greenwich Park Spring Blossom Engagement Shoot

We had been in discussions for a couple weeks as to where I should photograph them to mark their engagement. They knew that they wanted it to be in one of London's green spaces and the addition of a floral backdrop would certainly be an bonus!

At the time it was the month of May and of course the start of everything blooming in the city. I knew we had to take advantage of a background of beautiful blossoms in London before they were gone till the following year!

Greenwich Park is the perfect place to shoot in spring time. Beyond the cricket ground there's a footpath with a long row of pink blossom trees absolutely perfect for an engagement shoot. Its almost magical as you walk along the path and the wind blows the branches of the trees enough for the tiny pastel petals to gently sail down to the ground.

Tetteh and Paulina looked great in this location whilst they laughed and chatted comfortably away with each other throughout the shoot. They were so pleased with the scenery and even more so with the finished pictures. It was such a fun shoot and they were a delightful couple to photograph.

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